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Belmont University Joins Excelencia in Education

President Dr. Greg Jones affiliates with organization’s ‘Presidents for Latino Student Success’ network

Belmont University announced that the University is joining Excelencia in Education, the nation’s premier authority in efforts accelerating Latino student success in higher education, and President Dr. Greg Jones has joined the organization’s “Presidents for Latino Student Success” network.

This important national network is comprised of college and university presidents and chancellors who are committed to making their institutions learning environments where Latino students can thrive. The institutions in Excelencia’s network are transforming higher education.

Of the thousands of colleges and universities across the country, the more than 150 leaders of the 175 institutions in the network enroll one in four of all Latino students in higher education. More importantly, these institutions account for one in three of all Latino graduates.

Excelencia professionals, the leadership network and their campus teams actively collaborate to put evidence-based practices and strategic analysis of student data to use supporting and advancing the talents, skills and contributions of Latino students and the institutions.

Sarita Brown, co-founder and president of Excelencia said, “Higher education leaders with skills and vision are fundamental to our country’s strong recovery. Those prepared to engage and intentionally serve Latino students, while serving all their students, will lead the way.”

Excelencia is honored to work with the trendsetting presidents and chancellors who have accepted this challenge. The leaders in the network have made common cause with Excelencia to accelerate Latino student success in higher education.

“I am thrilled to join Excelencia’s Presidents for Latino Student Success network,” said Dr. Greg Jones. “We are working to make Belmont a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community and want Belmont to be a place where students feel like they belong. Joining Excelencia’s network is another step in creating an environment where all students can thrive.”

Through the network, Dr. Jones will collaborate with Excelencia to leverage collective expertise and resources, foster partnerships and amplify current efforts at the national level. Learn more about Presidents for Latino Student Success network and the other institutional leaders across the country affiliated with Excelencia.

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