Belmont Students Share College Experiences with Maplewood Distinguished Scholars

Belmont students Justin Lang, Sierra Jones, Christianna Ellison, La’Tiara Jarvis and Keayana Robinson spoke to a group in the Belmont Distinguished Scholars Program at Maplewood High School about what life is like in college, including personal testimonies of encouragement.

Every Wednesday morning during Maplewood’s advisory period, Belmont’s Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Myron Oglesby travels to the school for an academic collaboration with 25 students in preparation for a successful college transition.

“The Belmont students were well received, and the excitement of their message filled the air; students at Maplewood all heard a similar theme from the Belmont students who spoke ‘If I can do it, so can you,’” said Dr. Oglesby.

This year’s collaboration theme is “A College State of Mind.” Several Belmont professors, including Chair of the Psychology Department Dr. Linda Jones, Chair of the School of Education Dr. Mark Hogan and Director of the Bridges to Belmont Program Mary Clark, have also visited to share personal stories on a successful collegiate experience.