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Belmont Student’s ‘Flat Dalton’ Prank Goes Viral

While Belmont video production major Dalton Ross is currently studying abroad in London, a much thinner, immobile version of him is making numerous appearances at home in the States and attracting a lot of attention in the process. Ross thought it would be funny to send his mother a cardboard cutout of himself during his semester overseas. But much to his surprise, his mom took his new gift to heart–and everywhere else–leading the story to going viral after it was covered in an article in The Huffington Post.

Dalton Ross 2Ross said, “I sent my mom the cutout after I had gotten settled in here in London and realized I hadn’t talked to her in a while. I thought it would give her a big laugh if she got a large mysterious package, and it turned out to be a life-size version of me with a big goofy smile. You know, I am usually rather introverted and quiet in public or class, but with friends, I’m usually pretty ridiculous and am always making absurd jokes. Usually puns.”

The prank has now traveled across the world, with the cutout’s own Facebook page, CNN story and the latest feature on Nashville WSMV’s Bulger’s Beat, showing off Ross’s mother’s hilarious approach to snapping pictures of “Dalton” across Belmont’s campus.

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