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Belmont Senior Interns in Washington, D.C.

Belmont senior Kelsey Lalman is working in public policy as she interns in Washington, D.C. for The Pilgrimage, a service learning hostel where she lives, and Bread for the World, a “Christian voice” working to change policies, programs and conditions to end hunger here and abroad.

Serving as the liaison between the organizations, Lalman works to enhance student service experiences with education and opportunities for advocacy. Many groups who serve with The Pilgrimage have the opportunity to get involved with Bread for the World as well as participate in discussions on education advocacy and how to serve those they’ve encountered in Washington, D.C.

Lalman, who is studying social work, was first introduced to Bread while leading an Immersion spring break trip in 2011 through Belmont’s University Ministries. After meeting the organization and understanding more about what she calls her “own personal political will and my personal and professional obligations to civic duties,” Lalman reached out for possible internship opportunities.

The partnership with Pilgrimage came from need; as she looked for cost-effective living opportunities, a colleague suggested the organization and an opportunity for partnership was born.

“I have learned that political will can and does create change. We have opinions about how our country, our states and our cities should be governed. Yet, we forget or ignore that we have the power, especially in numbers, to make those opinions reality,” Lalman said.

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