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Belmont Physics Society Recognized at Video Gaming Conference

At the Games For Change 2012 industry conference in June, Leslie Redd and Yasser Malaik of Valve Software, an entertainment software and technology company, made explicit reference to an article by Belmont University physics professor Dr. Scott Hawley.  The article described the convocation in April hosted by Belmont’s Society of Physics Students (SPS), in conjunction with Valve’s education initiative regarding the “Portal 2” video game and website.

The presenters were particularly impressed by Belmont senior Ben Heacock’s calculation of the time it would take one of the game elements to set your hair on fire (2.79 ms), using radiative transfer calculations.  A video of the SPS’s convocation event “Physics of Portal 2” has recently been added to Belmont’s YouTube channel.   Valve Software will begin publishing physics lessons by Hawley in early July.

Click here to view video of the Games For Change Talk. See times 07:23 to 08:50 into the video. Click here to view video of “Physics of Portal 2” convo on Belmont’s YouTube channel.


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