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Belmont, Neighbors Plan Boulevard Revamp

Nashville City Paper reports on planning involving Belmont University and its neighbors along Belmont Boulevard for upgrading the streetscape.

Changes under way for Belmont University include a proposed streetscape plan for Belmont Boulevard that includes crosswalks, lighting, landscaping, possible parking scenarios and a stoplight at Compton Avenue. … Improvements would occur from 18th Avenue to Ashwood Avenue, and funding for the project on the school side of the street would come from the university. … Illustrations presented Thursday include landscaping and decorative lighting improvements, with sugar maples and flowering trees lining the street.
“In general terms I think it is great that Belmont Boulevard is getting some attention from the university and hopefully the city putting some money into fixing it up,” Bongo Java owner Bob Bernsteine said. “It is a busy corner in terms of business, students and traffic so it needs some attention,” he said.

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