Belmont Motion Picture Majors Place in WCTE-PBS Film Festival

First place winner Kaleb Knight
First place Winner Kaleb Knight

Two motion picture students recently placed in the WCTE-PBS Students Film Festival that took place January 13-15, 2021. The festival presented students with the opportunity to attend workshops, panels and submit films as a part of an award-winning film screening. 

Belmont student Kaleb Knight placed first in Best Tennessee Local Films for his film Sugar Baby. Another student filmmaker, Evan Korycki, placed third in Best Tennessee Local Films for her film Madame Upstairs. Both students placed in the Ages 13+ category for the state of Tennessee. 

Dr. Amy Bertram of the Curb College shared the opportunity with as many motion picture students and faculty as possible at the end of the fall semester and several students submitted films. Dr. Bertram shared how proud she was of the students and was happy to see them winning in the Tennessee local category that carried a small cash prize. 

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