Pharmacy Student Soriano’s National Guard Team Featured on NBC for Helping Hospital Overrun with COVID Patients

Soriano with team
Soriano is pictured with her team on the far right front.

Trish Soriano, a current Belmont student in the College of Pharmacy and active member of the United States National Guard, was recently recognized by NBC of Palm Spring under the headline “National Guard Helps Riverside Hospital Overrun with Covid Patients.” The California hospital became overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, calling in help from the National Guard. 

The strike team that was called into the hospital consists of six team members, one of them being Soriano. The chief nursing officer of Riverside hospital shared that the strike team has helped alleviate the surge of COVID-19 patients and the hospital is more than grateful. 

Soriano shared the reality of working on the frontlines in the middle of a pandemic is stressful and upsetting most times. “I can’t see my family or visitors, and I have to stay in a hotel leaving only with permission. I wish people could see what we have experienced in the ER and ICU every day so that others can take the pandemic more seriously,” she said. 

However, she also has the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be a clinical pharmacist on-site at Riverside hospital. Soriano checks patients’ vitals and assists them with their medications. 

To view Soriano and her strike team’s feature on NBC Palm Springs, click here.