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Belmont Men’s Basketball Team Named as a ‘Sleeper’

Both CBS Sports and ESPN recently highlighted Belmont’s men basketball team in stories. CBS’s “Belmont looks to continue success” includes an interview with head coach, Rick Byrd, and outlines the success Belmont has on its horizon. With a successful season of winning over 30 games under their belt, complacency could be a concern, but not with Belmont.

Coach Byrd discusses the trip’s recent trip to Italy and how pleased he was with what he saw on the court. “Our biggest concern is we can’t lose the edge that we had and held throughout last season,” Byrd said. “There was not a game that our guys weren’t ready to play and weren’t excited about playing… The things that made us a good a year ago were still there, in terms of attitude and unselfishness. We saw those same characteristics.”

ESPN highlighted the team as “sleeper” – or a team to watch in the upcoming season.

Due to Belmont and Coach Byrd’s “perfect recipe for a Cinderella success,” ESPN says the men’s basketball team is one to expect victory from.

To read CBS’s story, click here. For more information on ESPN’s story, click here.

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