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Belmont Launches Live on Fridays with Mr. B, Captain America

To provide students with opportunities for engagement and entertainment on campus at all hours of the day, Belmont’s Office of Student Engagement Leadership Development (SELD), in partnership with the Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business,  has launched Live on Fridays, a late night programming experience for students. Led by SELD Assistant Director Jessica Dykes, Live on Fridays begins each Friday night at 10 p.m. with fun continuing until 2 a.m. Saturday morning.

Events will be centered around campus traditions including Fall Follies, an improvisational and comedy-based student group who perform each year and holidays including a ‘Creepin’ in the Curb’ Halloween celebration and a Christmas extravaganza featuring a tacky sweater competition, faculty and staff karaoke, cookie decorating and more. As the semester continues, students will be polled via social media for movie selections and event details.

“We are excited to launch this programming for our students to provide them with opportunities to continue to be engaged on campus, even late into the night,” Dykes said. “When they return to campus each year, we understand that Belmont becomes their home and we want to ensure they have everything they need to be successful and enjoy their time on campus. We’re excited that this now means opportunities for relevant and fun entertainment on Friday nights.”

Live on Fridays began on Friday, September 2 with performances in the Curb Cafe from Belmont alumni group Mr. B and the Tribal Hoose. Immediately afterwards, Captain America, Civil War was shown in the Johnson Center’s Large Theater.

In anticipation for the programming launch, Belmont’s Office of Communications sat down for an interview with Mr. B, himself.

What’s on your radio right now?

“Flume, Glenn Miller and a bunch of instrumentals.”

Why are you excited to kick-off Live on Fridays?

“The first week of school at Belmont is always an exciting time. It’ll be cool to see new students and set a great tone for the upcoming year. I think they’ll really dig our vibe and invitation for them to join us on the stage. We’re hoping they come jam with us!”

Former Belmont University student Mr. B and the Tribal Hoose in Nashville, Tenn. August 30, 2016

Why rap as a genre?

“I like rap because you can say whatever you need to say, just in rhyme and cadence. Sometimes we need to point out the elephant in the room and rappers are great at doing that. When you rap something, it makes the truth easier to swallow, because it’s presented in a cool way. I can say things in my raps that I typically can’t say in person–it’s empowering.”

So, we’re all wondering. What’s the story behind your tribe’s name?

“The HOOSE! We named the band after the house (‘hoose’) we lived in while we were at Belmont. We used to make up words all the time and ‘Hoose’ just stuck. If we were a group normal, we’d call ourselves the Tribal House, but we’re not. So we’re proud to be the Tribal HOOSE!”

Why pursue a career in music?

“Music is the only thing I really care to dedicate my life towards. Songs live on long after we’re gone–it’s really powerful stuff. If you’re a songwriter, take that responsibility seriously. Don’t see yourself as a struggling musician–you’re a healer in this world. People have changed their lives after hearing songs, and athletes listen to music before games to get in the right head space. It’s so powerful. Besides being a servant of the Lord, music is the only thing worth dedicating my life towards.”


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