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Belmont Launches Campus-Wide Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, ‘The Belmont State of Mind’

Belmont University’s Welcome Home Diversity Council recently launched its campus-wide diversity and inclusion initiative, The Belmont State of Mind. Centered around transparency, authenticity, intentionality and awareness, the Belmont State of Mind is focused on enhancing and embedding a culture of inclusive excellence across campus for all faculty, staff and students. The new initative houses all of campus’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

The Belmont State of Mind is inclusive, it’s celebratory, it’s open-minded and welcoming. It’s transparent and honors differences, it challenges ideals and encourages dialogue. Most importantly, The Belmont State of Mind is comfortable with being uncomfortable. The State of Mind asks all members of the Belmont community to lead with intentionality and awareness, understanding that it’s the differences of its members that make Belmont such a rich environment.

The new initiative was created and implemented by the University’s Welcome Home Diversity Council, an interdisciplinary senior leadership team that meets regularly to support Belmont’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Made up of faculty, staff and students who are engaged in diversity and inclusion work across campus, the Council is chaired by Vice President and Chief of Staff Dr. Susan West.

“We are so excited to launch ‘The Belmont State of Mind’ across campus, as we are committed to ensuring a diverse and inclusive community at Belmont,” West said. “We are eager to provide many opportunities for our faculty, staff and students to engage in important dialogue, experiences and training related to diversity and inclusion. We understand that it’s our differences that make us who we are, and as a community of faith, we have a responsibility to love and respect all people who live and work on our campus. It’s the ‘Belmont State of Mind.’ It’s just who we are.”

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