Belmont Hosts Sodexo Global Diversity Officer, Dr. Rohini Anand

Dr. Rohini Anand, of Sodexo, speaks at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, January 23, 2019.

As part of the University’s annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Week Celebration, Belmont recently hosted Sodexo’s Global Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility Dr. Rohini Anand for a special session focused on “Diversity and Inclusion: A Critical Business Imperative.”

Anand’s time on campus was first spent with members of Belmont’s Welcome Home Diversity Council, an interdisciplinary team that oversees diversity and inclusion work on campus. Immediately after, she hosted an hour-long presentation open to all faculty and staff where she detailed Sodexo initiatives and the results they have produced.

She went on to highlight workforce trends, as well as the importance of diversity throughout higher education. She ended her presentation with a series of lessons learned from her time with Sodexo.