Belmont Hosts Forensics and Debate Tournament

Belmont University and Carson Newman College recently co-hosted the Tennessee Porch Swing, a collegiate forensics and debate tournament, on Belmont’s campus Nov. 19-21. Twenty colleges and universities from all over the United States competed in public address, oral interpretation and parliamentary debate. The Porch Swing included entries from several top-ten speech and debate schools and is one of the largest tournaments Belmont has hosted.
Listed below are the awards won by Belmont:
Eric Schoen / Bethany Miller – Semi-Finalists, Varsity Debate
Sash Blevins / Matthew Roberts – Semi-Finalists, Novice Debate
Individual Events:
Anna Carroll: Top Novice & 4th place, Poetry Interpretation; 4th place Duo Interpretation (with Nicole Bright)
Matthew Roberts: Top Novice, Extemporaneous Speaking; Top Novice & Semi-Finalist, Impromptu Speaking; Top Novice & 5th place, Informative Speaking
Nick Yacksich: Top Novice & 6th place, Dramatic Interpretation; 5th place Duo Interpretation (with Nicole Bright)
Nicole Bright: 4th place After Dinner Speaking; 5th place Duo Interpretation (with Nick Yacksich); 4th place Duo Interpretation (with Anna Carroll); 3rd place overall individual competitor
Holly McKee: Top Novice, Programmed Oral Interpretation
Sash Blevins: 6th place, Duo Interpretation (with Erich Schoen)
Eric Schoen: 6th place, Duo Interpretation (with Sash Blevins)