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Belmont Hosts Eighth Annual Tennessee Simulation Alliance Conference

Belmont’s College of Health Sciences and Nursing hosted the Eighth Annual Tennessee Simulation Conference Nov. 19-20. The conference included speakers and various sessions teaching more about available simulation products in the industry and best practices for incorporating simulation into education.

Friday afternoon included a simulation product fair with Laerdal, i-Human and SimUCare, among others.

From the University of Delaware, SimuCare brought the SimUTrach, a wearable chest that represents a patient who has a tracheostromy. Watch this SimUCare Simulation from founder Amy Cowperthwait to understand how this product replaces the comfort of working on a manikin. This way, nursing students recieve practice reactions, such as breathing, blinking and coughing, from a real person. Similarly, Marie Gonzales from i-Human Patients explained their computer-based program that allows nursing students to have virtual patient encounters. “The program helps the students learn cognitive reasoning. They must be asking the right questions to give the right diagnosis,” she said. “Simulation is a safe learning enviornment. It’s low stress, self-directed and realistic. It gives the students the practice they need before they get to clinicals.”

Dean of the College of Health Sciences and Nursing Dr. Cathy Taylor talked about the great opportunity Belmont has with the vendors on campus and by seeing their products. “Beth Hallmark is such a leader. Through her work, Belmont has been put on the map, both in the southeastern region and nationally, in this emerging science,” she said.

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