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Belmont Freshman Sinks Shot for Tuition

Monday night’s men’s basketball game was unlike any other game freshman J.T. Faircloth previously attended. With one swish, he earned one semester of Belmont tuition.

Faircloth said he had been practicing for the shot the day of, but was not successful.

“Most of the day I had been missing from the area we were supposed to be shooting from. I’m gonna say it was a miracle. I’m not that good,” Faircloth said. After the last participant missed the final 3-point shot, and Faircloth realized he had won, he took the now familiar prayerful pose made popular by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. “I didn’t just do that for show. I really did pray,” he said.

Faircloth said his favorite part of the evening was the Athletics Department’s determination to give away the tuition. Since no one made the half-court tuition shot during the basketball season, Faircloth and the other students who’d attempted it were invited back to try again at the final home game. When no one succeeded in making a basket from half court, the group was moved into the 3-point area. After three rounds of shooting from there, Faircloth was named winner.

“I was worried that if no one made the shot, no one would get tuition.  They were determined to give it away, and I really appreciate that,” Faircloth said.

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