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Belmont Connections Program Schedule Announced

Belmont University’s College of Arts and Sciences has announced the schedule for Belmont Connections, a 10-day series of events at the end of the spring semester to recognize significant academic achievements and to explore questions and topics of compelling human interest through the presentation and celebration of outstanding student research, scholarship, guest speakers, and creative productions from all areas of academic study. The complete program schedule can be found here

Belmont Connections is a collection of events that cross-section every field of study at the university. For many disciplines and student organizations their piece of Belmont Connections is the culminating event of their year. Therefore, these events recognize and celebrate the best of the best in academic achievement, student research, and creative production.The events range from art exhibits to dramatic productions to poster presentations to research symposiums.
Formerly called “Academic Achievement Week,” Belmont Connections has a three-year history as a University-wide event. The initial idea came from a desire to elevate the academic and intellectual nature of the university experience. Therefore, the ten days set aside for what is now Belmont Connections has traditionally included recognitions of scholarship, academic and creative achievement, and the investigation of ideas through undergraduate research.
A key part of Belmont Connections is the Belmont Undergraduate Research Symposium. The spring of 2006 will mark the 17th year of Belmont’s Undergraduate Research Symposium. This one-day event will include over one hundred student presentations made to a community of peers. Each presentation represents a body of independent research, but even more so, a process that has established skills that will shape each student’s future, for research and for life.

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