Belmont Completes Evaluation Process for NCAA Division 1 Certification

Belmont University has completed the evaluation process for NCAA Division 1 certification. The NCAA Peer review team was on campus February 16 through February 19, 2004 for Belmont’s evaluation visit. The following team members were assigned to evaluate the institution.
Mr. David Hager, Vice Provost, Old Dominion University
Ms. Susan Anfin, Compliance Coordinator, Winthrop University
Dr. Allision Freedman, Associate Athletics Director, University of the Pacific (California)
Mr. Bill McGillis, Director of Athletics, University of Evansville
Dr. Michael J. Ross, Prof. of Psychology, Saint Louis University
The results of the visit will be announced after the NCAA Division 1 Committee on Athletics Certification renders its decision.
Click here to download Belmont’s NCAA Division 1 Athletics Certification Self Study in a 254-page PDF file.