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Belmont Community Funds New Bruin Emergency Grant

Belmont students often face a range of challenges affecting their financial and mental health. All students may now apply for assistance from the Bruin Emergency Grant upon demonstrating financial need due to unforeseen circumstances, such as medical and housing emergencies. 

“The purpose of the Bruin Emergency Grant is to enable students who have already made a significant commitment to their Belmont education to persist through extraordinary financial challenges to graduation,” Carshonda H. Martin, Assistant Provost for Student Success and Flourishing, said. “We acknowledge that some students are facing issues of affordability during this post-pandemic world and microgrants are more important than ever. We are so excited to provide this opportunity for our students to aid in removing some barriers they may face and help them persist and flourish during their time at Belmont University.”

Here are some examples of how donors’ generosity makes a direct difference:

  • Recently, a Bruin Emergency Grant supported one student close to graduation who was struggling with rent, in order for her to focus more on her studies and remove herself from an unhealthy situation she was in. To ease the burden, Belmont provided help towards rent payments and continues to meet with the student regularly to provide emotional and academic support. 
  • The Bruin Emergency Grant provided a grant to a first-generation, independent nursing student for medical shoes. The student had no family support and was supporting herself. She suffered from a medical condition that required her to have a certain type of shoe that cost a few hundred dollars. The Bruin Emergency Grant was able to supply her with the shoes she needed to continue her education.
  • The Bruin Emergency Grant was also able to support one of our first-year, non-traditional students recently. This student had faced housing security problems and was staying two hours away from Nashville. The grant covered part of their rent and gave them the security and stability they needed. 

“I’m so excited about the Bruin Emergency Grant because It gives us an opportunity to support the whole student beyond academic needs,” said Luke LePage, Assistant Director of Annual Giving. “We get to support the student’s whole-person formation. As a Belmont alum, it makes me so proud to say this is how we continue to take care of our students and go above and beyond. We’re inviting our alumni, parents, friends and entire campus community to support those students in an intentional and tangible way.”

Bruins For Life is March 20-22, and Belmont is immensely grateful for the commitment of alumni, employees, parents, students, businesses, churches and friends who support by:

  • Being a mentor…
  • Being a fan…
  • Being a supporter…

Donors can support any specific need, whether it’s scholarships, student support, missions, academics or athletics. 

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