Belmont College of Law Boasts Highest Bar Passage for First-Time Takers in the State

Class of 2018 students achieve a 94.5 percent first-time pass rate, the highest earned in the College’s history

When the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners released results for the July 2018 Tennessee Bar Exam today, Belmont University College of Law earned the top spot for first time test takers at ABA accredited schools. A remarkable 94.5 percent, or 69 out of 73 recent graduates, earned a passing score on the exam which is the highest the College has earned in its history.

The state average for ABA approved schools for first time test takers for the July 2018 test date is 76.85 percent compared with the Belmont Law pass rate of 94.5 percent.

Dean of the College of Law Alberto Gonzales said, “I am very proud of our graduates, and I am grateful for the efforts of our faculty and staff to help prepare our graduates.”

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