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Alumnus Gives Homecoming Chapel Lecture

Belmont 2002 graduate Eric McLaughlin returned to campus for Belmont’s Homecoming Chapel Feb. 15 to discuss the work he, his family and others doctors are doing in Africa.

Committed to missions, McLaughlin and his family, along with several friends who are also physicians, moved to Kenya in 2009 to provide health care for residents and to teach young Kenyan doctors. The group is spending a year in the United States visiting friends and family before its members leave to spend 10 months in France. There they will learn French to prepare for a mission trip in Burundi, a country in Eastern Africa.

McLaughlin said his years in Kenya taught him he has limitations and God’s goodness is stronger than he realized.  When his human limitations come into play, God’s goodness has the power to overcome.

“Limitations are very real, but the goodness of God in the world is that much more real,” he said.

McLaughlin concluded his lecture by encouraging the students to reflect on their limits and remind themselves God is goodness and limitless.

He said, “Do not fear the darkness, but rather celebrate the light. And know that, by his goodness, God’s strength is made person in our weakness.”

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