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Alumnus Brings ‘Taste’ to Nashville

For Music Business major Andy Seavers, creating an app about food was never on the agenda. But since his graduation in 2014, that is exactly where he ended up. Seavers just launched a new app, Taste, which allows users to find restaurants based on locals’ favorites, a strategy he says is much more dependable than trusting ambiguous reviews.

“Instead of sorting through countless reviews on traditional review sites, Taste lets you find the best of whatever you’re craving, wherever you are,” Seavers said. The concept is simple: locals get one favorite in each food category (coffee shops, burger joints, etc.), and users can check-in at those locations to earn “milestones” that increase the value of their vote. Users are also able to compare favorites with their friends to exchange recommendations, providing a better and more accurate review for each location. “By eliminating long-winded and sometimes biased reviews and one-to-five star ratings, Taste intrinsically reshapes the way people decide where to go eat and drink through a positive exchange: favorites,” he said.

The inspiration came to Seavers while trying to find restaurant recommendations online. Not only was the process of sifting through reviews and ambiguous ratings too time-consuming, but he found that negative reviews often discouraged him from trying a restaurant that he otherwise would have liked. With Taste, users don’t get any extra information about strangers’ experiences or preferences. The app simply tells you what restaurants are being frequented by area locals in order to choose a “favorite.”

Taste Screenshot, showing local coffee shopsThough he studied music business at Belmont, Seavers attributes his start as an entrepreneur to his time on campus. “My experience at Belmont was a great launchpad for my entrepreneurial spirit,” he said. “Every entrepreneurship, marketing and business class I took while at school has been valuable in shaping my career.” Seavers had already begun his first business while still in school, and he said it was real-world experience, along with his opportunities at Belmont and in Nashville, that helped “drive the passion behind Taste.”

Because the app, which is available for iPhone in the app store, just launched this month, Seavers and his team hope to continuing spreading the word. They are initiating a Student Brand Ambassador Program, which is currently accepting applications. More information about that program can be found here. Looking toward the future Seavers said, “We see Taste as the go-to app for finding local favorites, whether you are a newcomer to a city, are traveling, or you just want to find something new.”

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