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Alumna Brings ‘No Baked’ Treats to Nashville

Belmont alumna Megan Beaven never dreamed she’d be operating her own business when she graduated from Belmont in 2015–but now, just years later, she’s working for herself and making ‘no baked’ treats for the whole city. Owner of No Baked Cookie Dough, Beaven said she started her career in the music industry, but after a short stint there, she was eager to get outside the walls of her building.

“I didn’t enjoy sitting behind a computer for eight hours a day,” Beaven said. “I had already been making edible cookie dough for myself and began to realize that people loved it as much as I did. I just went from there!” Soon after working on the concept in her free time and realizing its potential, Beaven left her job, launched “No Baked” and hasn’t looked back.

Since then, the venture has exploded across the city. “It has been the most amazing couple of months,” she said. “The online store evolved into pop-up shows, and Nashville has loved our cookie dough!” Beaven is currently working to open a storefront in the Midtown area this fall.

As an entrepreneur, Beaven said she’s most grateful for the freedom to do what she’s passionate about and having control over her day to day. “When you’re working for someone else, there are limitations,” she said. “Working for yourself really puts you in control of your life. And it gives you so much freedom.”

As for the city’s budding entrepreneurs, Beaven has some quick advice. Had she not taken the chance to leave her full-time job for the start-up she believed in, she’d likely still be behind a desk. “It’s never too late to change you mind,” Beaven said, “If you find yourself on a path that isn’t making you happy, get off it and try a new one. I’m so glad I did.”





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