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Treybig Presents at Mid-South Flute Festival

Ash Wright Photography
Ash Wright Photography

On March 29, Dr. Carolyn Treybig, of the Belmont University School of Music, and Dr. Deanna Little, of Middle Tennessee State University School of Music, presented a clinic session titled “Just + Equal = Intonation; A Lecture Demonstration of Trevor Wye’s Publications on the Chord of Nature, Just Intonation, and Difference Tones” at the 2014 Mid-South Flute Festival. The lecture/performance delved into sympathetic vibrations, harmonics, the history and development of tuning temperaments, discussion of pitch tendencies on the flute, vibrato, and tuning considerations for flutists when performing with differing ensembles and families of instruments. The Mid-South Flute Festival is an annual festival that brings together hundreds of flutists. Both Treybig and Little are Altus Flutes performing artists.

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