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Students Present Research at EPA Conference

Belmont psychology and neuroscience students recently attended and presented research at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) in New York City.  The EPA was founded in 1896 and is the oldest of the regional psychological associations in the United States. Jasmine Jarupat, Belmont psychology alumna and current University of Oregon psychology graduate student, joined the group.

Psychology major Mallory McDonald served on a panel discussion with several students from other universities.  The session title was “The Impact of Undergraduate Research: A Student’s Vantage Point.”

Psychology faculty attending the conference were Drs. Lauren Gilbert, Linda Jones and Lonnie Yandell.  Participating students included Alex Gumucio, Morgan Turner, Samantha Gould, Justin Lang, Madlin Lausten, Katy Coffer, Kathryn Hook, Jacob Huffman, Mallory McDonald, Amber Lowe, Ashton Judy, Kayla Evans, Brittany Yeager, Kathryn Graeff, Emily Gildea, Blair Ferguson, Margaret Rittler, Julisa Nunez, Lauren Weaver, Scarlet Sanders and Bee Strother.

All students presented their research in poster sessions, after a peer review process. Presented research included (*attended the conference):

Illusory Conjunctions: Gender and the Misperception of Happy, Angry and Neutral Emotions
Alex Gumucio*, Heather Jelonek, Seth Strobel, Tanisha Williams
The Differential Effect of Artificial and Natural Sugar on Memory in Rats
Morgan Turner*, Lindsey Dennis, Lauren Weaver*, Ali Miller, Stephanie Morin
Evaluating the Validity and Reliability of a New Scale for Uniqueness Seeking
Margaret Rittler*, Ashton Judy*, Hunter Foltz, Bee Strother*, Lauren Weaver*
Voice Pitch Effects on Auditory Working Memory
Sammie Gould*, Kayla Evans*, Courtney Bright, Nicole Canes, Stephanie Morin
An Examination of Note Taking and Lecture Style as Predictors of Test Performance
Justin Lang*, Tanisha Williams, Heather Dudley
The Validation Study of the Measure of Adaptive and Maladaptive Absorption
Madlin Lausten*, Katy Coffer*, Scarlet Sanders*, Brittany Yeager*
The Effect of Heuristics Made with Depleted Self-Control
Katy Coffer*
Perception of Intelligence Depends on Voice Intonation
Katy Coffer*, Blair Ferguson*, Kathryn Hook*, Kathryn Graeff*
Under Pressure: The Effects of Emotion and Anxiety on the Phonological Loop
Jacob Huffman*
Research Mentoring Program
Mallory McDonald*, Jasmine Jaraput*
The Effect of Mood Priming and Extraversion on the Perceived Pain of Spending Money
Amber Lowe*, Emily Gildea*
Man In the Mirror: How Sadness Affects  Eye Gaze and Speed of Emotion Recognition
Julisa Nunez*, Margaret Ritter*, Lauren Weaver*, Stephanie Cooper

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