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10 Best Spots on One of America’s Prettiest Campuses 

Architectural Digest (AD) has ranked Belmont 11th place on its list of 53 Prettiest College Campuses in America.  

AD acknowledges Belmont for being a campus that is “roughly divided into two areas, with one half surrounding a pristinely kept lawn and the other dotted with gazebos where students are often found playing music.”  

Here are Belmont’s top picks of the 10 best spots on one of America’s prettiest campuses. 

Freeman Hall is the current location of the admissions and welcome center. From the vantage of Wedgewood Avenue, Freeman is framed by manicured bushes and a seasonal flower bed creating a picturesque scene for passersby. 

Vestiges of Belmont’s storied past adorn the historic quad in the form of cast iron gazebos, statues and vibrant landscaping, some of which have lasted since 1865 before the property was a women’s finishing school.  

The vibrant rose garden and floral tapestries that make up a whimsical gardenscape deserve a mention all their own on our list.  Strolling outside onto the gentle slope of the quad feels less like a college campus and more like the setting of a Southern fairy dream. 

Gabhart Chapel is the first formal chapel the University has ever built. Floor-to-ceiling windows flank the theater-style open galley, allowing natural light to permeate the space during worship services that are led by on-campus ministries and external guests multiple times throughout the week.  

Home for the O’More College of Architecture and Design, all aspects of the design, finishes and furniture selection for the Hitch Building interior renovation were provided by O’More College faculty. The third and fourth floors have been transformed into spaces that encourage artistic expression and provide areas that showcase student projects.  

Melodic bells play hourly from the Bell Tower located at the south end of the historic quad. The edifice has become a scenic landmark for visitors. It is also a favored backdrop for engagement and graduation photos. 

Named in tribute to retired Belmont President Dr. Bob Fisher and his wife Judy, the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts is a premiere performance venue not only at Belmont but in Nashville. The classic, elaborate detail of this 150,000 square foot center is a shining jewel on the campus where fantastic productions and performances are featured year-round.  

One of two Bruin statues on campus, Chum Run majestically guards the south easternly corner of campus. Nestled between upperclassman residence halls, this peaceful locale also features the tranquil flow of Bear Creek that cascades down a rolling hill.  

Freedom Plaza Fountain is positioned on the north end of a verdant lawn in the middle of several educational buildings. Emulating the wellspring of thought, progress and hope which abounds at Belmont, the iconic fountain also serves as a memorial to the enslaved people who worked the estate originally owned by Joseph and Adelicia Acklen before it became a school.   

Caldwell Hall is the newest and largest residential building on campus. A luxe work of impeccable design and architecture, more than 600 upperclassmen call Caldwell home. 

With its ethereal chapel, calming creek, luscious landscaping and coordinated buildings, there’s no question of how Belmont earned its distinguished place as one of AD’s prettiest campuses in America.

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