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Randolph Wins 2015 Anthropology and Sociology Student Presentation Award

Anna Randolph
Senior Alpha Chi member Anna Randolph’s research won this year’s overall Anthropology and Sociology Student Presentation Award at the 2015 Alpha Chi Honors Society National Convention. Student presentations are the centerpiece of every Alpha Chi Convention, and an award is given to a student in each of the 28 disciplines.

Randolph’s project, entitled “Cultural Appropriation in URBN Incorporated 2014 Lookbooks: Erasing Cultures, Making Trends,” was conducted with senior sociology student Courtney Bright as a part of Dr. Andi Stepnick’s Visual Sociology course. The research focuses on a sociological approach to understanding cultural appropriation in the fashion industry, particularly in the context of the multinational lifestyle corporation, Urban Incorporated.

According to the Alpha Chi judges form, this award is given to a student that demonstrates exceptional “focus and organization of the presentation, depth and complexity of the treatment, use of research materials, engagement with the audience and contribution to scholarship in the field.”

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