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DEX Team Returns from Conference with 17 National Awards

DEXpic.jpgBelmont University’s 2009-2010 Delta Epsilon Chi (DEX) team returned from the International Career Development Conference in Louisville, Kent. on April 20 with 17 national awards in tow. Twenty-nine students traveled to the competition and competed in varied categories such as business ethics, marketing management, design presentation, financial statement analysis, entrepreneurship, restaurant management and sales management.
2nd Place National – Financial Services Management – Justin Wood (Senior, Finance)
2nd Place National – Restaurant Management – Clark Buckner (Freshman, Entrepreneurship)
2nd Place National – Entrepreneurship Challenge – Kirstin Long (Senior, Entrepreneurship) and Sarah Beairsto (Sophomore, Entrepreneurship)
Top 8 National – Entrepreneurship Challenge – Eric Carroll (Senior, Entrepreneurship & Marketing), Justin Wood (Senior, Finance), and Corey Griggs (Senior, Entrepreneurship)
Top 8 National – Entrepreneurship Challenge – Aubree Phillips (Junior, Entrepreneurship), Kallie Robertson-Smith (Senior, Entrepreneurship), and Lexi Nash (Senior, Entrepreneurship and Music Business)
Top 8 National – Entrepreneurship Challenge – Catharine Hooks (Junior, Entrepreneurship), Mandy Thompson (Junior, Marketing), and Emilie Lico (Freshman, Entrepreneurship)
Top 10 National – Sales Management – Jerell Harris (Sophomore, Entrepreneurship)
Top 10 National – Entrepreneurship Business Plan – Susan Harbison (Senior, Entrepreneurship)
Top 10 National – Entrepreneurship Business Plan – Corey Griggs (Senior, Entrepreneurship)
Top 10 National – Design Presentation – Kallie Robertson-Smith (Senior, Entrepreneurship)
DEX is the international, collegiate organization for students from across all educational disciplines. Chapters of Delta Epsilon Chi are located on over 300 college campuses and have close to 1,500 members. Through DEX programs, students preparing for a variety of career fields maintain a strong focus on business-related areas such as marketing, management and entrepreneurship. The activities of Delta Epsilon Chi integrate with and enhance student college curriculum.

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