Boyle Presents at Science of Consciousness Conference

Noel BoyleDr. Noel Boyle, associate professor of philosophy, gave a presentation titled “A Friendly Critique of Subjective Physicalism” at the 20th Anniversary Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference on April 23 in Tucson, Arizona. The conference is the world’s premier international conference on the topic of consciousness, drawing a wide range of scholars including philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists, physicists, computer scientists, artists and Eastern meditation experts. The keynote speech was given by esteemed theoretical physicist, Sir Roger Penrose. Other pre-eminent speakers included some philosophers (including David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett, John Searle and Ned Block), some neuroscientists (including Christof Koch, Bernard Baars and Michael Graziano) and novelist Rebecca Goldstein. Boyle’s┬ápresentation offered a defense and expansion of Robert Howell’s attempts to reconcile robust phenomenal realism with supervenience based accounts of physicalism.