‘Social Change & ME’ Unites Undergraduate, Graduate Leaders

Event Hosted by Belmont's Office of Leadership Development

Social Change and Me participants

Belmont’s Office of Leadership Development (BOLD), in partnership with 10 Belmont staff and students from across campus, guides graduate and undergraduate participants through understanding and applying the 7 C’s of the Social Change Model. Each spring, BOLD hosts “Social Change & ME (SC&ME),” an interactive overview of socially responsible leadership. A staff and student team has worked throughout January and February to provide seven options for Belmont students to study and practice the levels of the development in Social Change Model.

The model’s seven values are congruence, consciousness of self, commitment, collaboration, controversy with civility and citizenship. During SC&ME, students rotate through stations including interactive activities that challenge students to learn and practice implementing behaviors related to each of the 7 Cs while collaborating and engaging with each other.

The sessions are facilitated by graduate and undergraduate students who share their leadership lessons to empower students in realizing that they can be socially responsible leaders now, both on and off campus.

One student said, “I learned how to be a good leader, but that I have to take that out in the world to affect positive change. I have to bring self, group, and citizenship together to make a real difference.”

Students most appreciated open conversations, new ways to talk about leadership, the diversity of the presenters and their activities, as well as being able to put their learning into practice.

Graduate Assistant Logan Monday explained, “SC&ME helps students recognize and develop the skills they have to be socially responsible leaders now.”

Kristina Sullivan, a graduating senior and facilitator during SC&ME, noted how awesome it was to watch students learn to implement behaviors that exhibit socially responsible leadership.  She said, “It’s amazing to see the kind of development that can take place during a 30-minute experiential learning session.”

Next, students will participate in BOLD’s Leadership Lately with men’s and women’s basketball coaches, Casey Alexander and Bart Brooks. Click here to learn more details about these upcoming events.