Drug Information Center Faculty, Fellows and Students Present at Clinical Meeting

Deanes and Reed Headshots
Chelsa Deanes, fellow at Belmont University in their drug information fellowship program in partnership with Aegis Scientific, and Jacquese Reed, P3 at Belmont University, explain why they aimed to better understand the link between medication and cognitive impairment—specifically in driving impairment—in a recent study, and how pharmacists can help bring awareness to their patients of the potential side effects that they can experience while using certain medications.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacist (ASHP) Midyear clinical meeting for 2020 concluded on December 10 after completing its first ever virtual meeting due to the current coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic did not stop numerous presenters and participants from all over the country. This conference attracts pharmacy students, pharmacists, hospital systems, pharmaceutical companies and clinical researchers. The Belmont University College of Pharmacy (BUCOP) has a track record of sending students and faculty members each year to this annual conference. Highlights of the conference include presentations, interviews and recruitment, exhibits, and opportunities for continued pharmacist education (CPE) sessions.

Dr. Kate Claussen, Dr. Emily Singleton and Dr. John Maneno recently presented in the Innovations in Drug Information session at the 2020 ASHP Clinical Midyear Meeting. Dr. Maneno, a faculty fellow and clinical pharmacist fellow with BUCOP and Aegis Sciences Corporation, presented on his original research at BUCOP to understand utilization of social media platforms in the academia setting. His presentation focused on the opportunities available for utilizing social media platforms in the academia setting, associated risks and mitigation techniques, and effective audience engagement.

Dr. Kate Claussen and Dr. Emily Singleton, director and senior manager of Clinical Information for Pharmacy Services with BUCOP and HealthTrust, discussed the use of internally developed pharmacoeconomics calculators for drug review, comparison and approval, in addition to the traditional use of monographs and class reviews. They detailed the typical board review process at HealthTrust and how to incorporate a variety of factors including dosing frequency, treatment duration, clinical evidence and comparative therapies into this process to give a more efficient and holistic cost comparison.

Dr. Chelsa Deanes, a faculty fellow with BUCOP and Aegis Scientific, and third year pharmacy student Jacquese Reed were featured in an editorial in the December 9, 2020 edition of “Population Health Learning Network.”  Deanes and Reed presented their research in a poster entitled “Medications associated with cognitive impairment: an update from a 2010 meta-analysis” during the Midyear Meeting. The purpose of the poster presentation was to bring awareness to the issue of drug-induced cognitive impairment and to potentially identify a viable solution so that the individuals taking medications associated with impaired driving ability and their prescribing physicians can make more accurately-informed decisions in regards to overall health and safety.  

The link to the editorial is https://www.managedhealthcareconnect.com/content/becoming-more-aware-medications-linked-cognitive-impairment-and-how-help-address-among