Belmont’s New Music Business Class Takes Students Through Real-World International Label Release Project

Belmont Artist DASHA Releases New Single Through Curb College Course on International Major Label Release

Belmont pop artist DASHA, a sophomore songwriting major
DASHA, Belmont pop artist and sophomore songwriting major

Belmont pop artist DASHA’s first major label single called “Don’t Mean a Thing” was released on Friday, April 24. The song is a product of a new class offered in the Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business called “Behind the Scenes: International Major Label Release.” The course gives students real-world access to every aspect of an international major label release from songwriting, production and contracting all the way through label deals, marketing plans, touring and pitching.

“With a promising artist, a major label, and absolute faith in the students, the class started this semester,” explained senior songwriting major Rachel Martin. “I am one of the students fortunate enough to be a guinea pig for this adventure. I am so glad and so proud that I did. None of us knew what we were in for.”

The plan for the course was to choose a talented Belmont artist and give them the chance of a lifetime, a release with FAMOUZ Records, which is a joint venture between SONY and Stefan Dabruck Management. After a songwriting contest put on by Stefan Babruck Management and more than 100 applications, DASHA was selected as the artist for the course. She received a single-song deal with SONY Germany and FAMOUZ Records, which would be worked on in this new course.

DASHA is a current sophomore songwriting major at Belmont University from the central coast of California. “I’ve seen an infinite growth in myself as an artist through this experience,” she shared. “It really does take a village to create something incredible, and I’m so thankful to be part of this opportunity. Through this release, I’ve learned that this is exactly what I want to do with my life, and I could not be more excited to go after it!”

On April 22, students conducted their final exam, a pitch to FAMOUZ Records and Stefan Dabruck Management. In the pitch, students showcased their release strategies and individual roles in the project including public relations, marketing, social media and product management. SONY Germany will be pitching DASHA’s “Don’t Mean a Thing” to radio and other outlets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Students in the course and DASHA are pitching to influencers, magazines and playlists in the United States.

Stefan Dabruck, CEO of FAMOUZ Records and Stefan Dabruck Management, and alumna Chelsea Kent, who has worked for many companies over the years in publishing and producer and writer management, were integral parts of the foundation of the class. During the time of the songwriting contest in fall 2019, Belmont alumna Katie Braile was also contracted by Stefan Dabruck Management to run the office in Nashville.