Belmont Student Provides Songwriting Mentorship to Young Girls through Nashville Film Festival Project

Carly Moffa at Nashville's Film Festival
Carly Moffa at Nashville's Film Festival

Music business major Carly Moffa has been working alongside the Nashville Film Festival in order to teach young females more about the songwriting process from start to finish. Moraine Music Group, Youth Villages, Songwriters Sinclair, Shannon LaBrie and Sarah Holbrook have also partnered with the film festival in order to provide at-risk youth with a unique opportunity to write, record and film their own song. 

Moffa works with young girls from a local group home in Nashville who have experienced trauma and abuse and is able to provide a creative outlet for them through songwriting. The first meeting was conducted on Zoom where the girls were able to write the first verse and chorus independently. 

“The experience showed me the power that music has to connect and heal, even during a time when it feels like physically I am isolated from so many others,” expressed Moffa. 

In the past couple of weeks, the girls had the opportunity to record their own song socially distanced in the studio. Moffa helped the girls with songwriting, lyrics and melody throughout the project as the girls centered the song around hope and the perseverance to hold on. 

“I’m honored to be a part of this project with these girls. My intention is to show up and hold space for the girls to express themselves, however that looks. Whether it’s art or lyrics or melody or whatever. To just tell them that we hear you, we see you, you are not alone and you matter. Their voice matters,” shared Moffa. 

The song and video Moffa has been working on with the girls will premiere at Nashville Film Festival’s virtual festival on October 1-7 on their website. For more information on how to get involved, readers can visit the Youth Villages website.