Belmont Alumna Sherrill Featured on Cover of Nashville Scene

Wren Sherrill, photo by Eric England
Photo: Eric England

Belmont Alumna Wren Sherrill was recently featured on the cover of the Nashville Scene in a tribute to the Nashvillians of the Year: Health Care Workers. The article shares Vanderbilt’s healthcare workers and their fight to save lives in the midst of a global pandemic. 

Sherrill graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has continued on to work as a part of Vanderbilt’s COVID-19 ICU staff. With challenging work and eye-opening experiences every day, Sherrill considers the ICU staff “the final fighters in this war.” 

The article shares the words of another ICU worker Olivia Kirkpatrick who says to “give some grace to our leaders, and the scientists that are making recommendations.” Healthcare workers in Nashville and across the country are working diligently to protect their city and its residents. 

The Nashville Scene covers more of Vanderbilt’s ICU staff and daily experiences in their 2020 Nashvillians of the Year: Health Care Workers.