Alumnus Alejandro Sierra Performs at International Student Luncheon

Sierra playing guitar
Sierra performs at the International Student Luncheon at Belmont University

Alumnus Alejandro Sierra recently returned to Belmont to perform at the International Student Welcome Luncheon. Sierra, a former international student and songwriting major (’20) from Quito, Ecuador, performed his unreleased song “Dónde Estás” and breakthrough single “So You Don’t” at the luncheon, songs he wrote during his first summer in Nashville as a Belmont freshman.
Sierra is dedicated to helping others receive an education. “I want to start a foundation that helps fund the education of kids who don’t have many financial resources. I was blessed with the opportunity to come pursue the career of my dreams in a foreign country, and I would love to help other kids do the same,” he said. “Money shouldn’t be an issue if there is talent and dedication.”

In 2017 Sierra left his country and began attending Belmont University. Being in Music City inspired him to infuse his sound with powerful chants, Pop-Rock sounds and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. During his college years, Sierra was selected to be a part of both the ASCAP Writers Night and the POP/ROCK Showcase, making him the first Ecuadorian to ever perform at the Belmont Showcase Series.

In 2018 Sierra stepped into Ecuador’s music scene with “So You Don’t,” which was co-written with Grammy-nominated songwriter James Slater. The song earned a top five spot on the Ecuadorian Pop-Radio charts and was voted by industry critics as no. 2 in the Ecuadorian Charts “Best of 2018” list. Sierra’s latest single “Soledad” (Released Jan. 2021) also landed a no. 3 spot on JC Radio La Bruja, one of Ecuador’s biggest Top 40 radio stations.

Sierra, who is currently recording a full-length album for an artist project and writing songs for other artists, says his goal is to keep creating music that brings people together. “I incorporate Spanish and English into my songs with the hope of connecting both cultures,” said Sierra. I have a team of writers and artists who share a similar vision to mine and hopefully soon we can create a platform of World Music that branches out of Nashville and brings all kinds of genres together. I want to travel the world, share my music with other cultures and learn new ways of living.”