Tennessee Health Care Hall of Fame Opens Nominations for 2021 Class

Both 2020, 2021 Classes to be Formally Inducted this Year

TN Health Care Hall of Fame Logo

The Tennessee Health Care Hall of Fame announced today that the nomination process for the class of 2021 has officially opened. Nominations may be submitted at www.tnhealthcarehall.com through March 24.

Created by Belmont University, and supported by founding partners The McWhorter Society and The Nashville Health Care Council, the Hall of Fame’s mission is to honor the men and women who have made significant and lasting contributions to the health and health care industry. The Health Care Hall of Fame seeks to recognize and honor pioneers and current leaders who have formed Tennessee’s health and health care community and encourage future generations of health care professionals.

The year 2020 called fresh attention to the critical role of healthcare as the first worldwide pandemic in more than a century demanded more dedication and commitment from our healthcare professionals than ever before. Because of the pandemic, the announcement of the Health Care Hall of Fame’s 2020 class was postponed, and these individuals will be formally announced and inducted along with the 2021 class later this year.

Belmont President Dr. Bob Fisher said, “As we work to equip our students to be future leaders in the health care industry, I am grateful for the Tennessee Health Care Hall of Fame members who serve as inspiring examples of what it means to make a difference. It is a joy and privilege to recognize and honor them in this way.”

Nominees can be practitioners, executives, entrepreneurs, mentors, teachers, scientists, researchers, innovators or any person with a connection to the health or health care field. Potential inductees must have:

• Been born, lived or have worked in Tennessee
• Made a significant impact and lasting contribution to health care at the local, state, national or international level
• Exhibited the highest ethical and professional character
• Served as an outstanding role model in their community

To date, the Hall of Fame’s five announced inductee classes have included health care leaders from across the state. The inaugural class in 2015 included Dr. Thomas Frist, Jr., Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., Dr. Ernest Goodpasture, Jack C. Massey, R. Clayton McWhorter, Dr. David Satcher, Dr. Mildred Stahlman and Danny Thomas. 2016 inductees were Jack Bovender, Jr., Dr. Stanley Cohen, Dr. Henry Foster, Dr. Frank Groner, Dr. Paul Stanton and Dr. Colleen Conway-Welch. 2017 inductees were Dr. Dorothy Lavinia Brown, Dr. William H. Frist, Dr. Donald Pinkel, Dr. Harry Jacobson, Joel Gordon and Dr. Stanford Moore. 2018 inductees were Monroe Carell, Jr., Dr. John Henry Hale and Millie Hale, Carol Etherington, Dr. Lynn Massingale, Dr. William Schaffner and Dr. Matthew Walker, Sr. 2019 inductees were Dr. David Barton, Dr. Mary Bufwack, Nancy-Ann DeParle, Dr. Lloyd C. Elam, Dr. John M. Flexner, Richard L. Miller and Dr. Jonathan B. Perlin.