Sternberg Published in Book on Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning

Dr. AdriAnne Sternberg
Dr. AdriAnne Sternberg

Dr. AdriAnne Sternberg, associate dean and director of leadership development in Belmont Student Life, has been published in the recently-released book “Operationalizing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning.” The resource highlights the Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning Model and its application in a variety of aspects related to the field of leadership development and education.

Sternberg’s narrative contribution on the creation, development and implementation of the student leadership development framework for Belmont University is highlighted within the text on co-curricular program development. Sternberg details how her experiences and role as a leadership educator in Student Life’s Belmont Office of Leadership Development (BOLD) have allowed her to apply culturally relevant leadership learning to her work at Belmont.

In conjunction with campus-wide leadership development opportunities, Belmont students increase their leadership capacity and efficacy in the BOLD levels of engagement. Student leaders return to the classroom, internships and the community more equipped and prepared to lead. 

This book is part of the Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership Learning Series available by Information Age Publishing and on Amazon ( This book, or any other books in the series, can be purchased here: