Staff Spotlight: Dave Jaeger

Dave with his dog, Rey
Dave with his dog, Rey

Meet Dave Jaeger, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Belmont Counseling Services. Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Dave has worked at Belmont for 6 years.

How did moving from Minneapolis shape you? I lived Minneapolis in for the first 28 years of my life. Each year I slowly became more and more adversed to the weather. By 28, the cold had broken me forever. However, before I was in Minneapolis I lived in a smaller town up north, and it created a deep desire to explore the world. 

What are you doing when you’re not at work? I love woodworking and have now built a fairly large wood shop at my house and create furniture, skateboards, bookshelves, rocking chairs and more. I am currently building a record cabinet with tambour sliding doors made out of recycled skateboards. I just finished making a chess set out of recycled skateboards, as well.

Where is your favorite restaurant to go in Nashville? I love all of Sean Brock’s restaurants and really enjoy a place with good apps, cozy spaces and a really cool atmosphere. Currently really enjoying Lockeland Table’s Community Hour.  

What are you currently watching? Currently we are watching re runs of the Amazing Race and I have somehow or another found myself into a few WWII documentaries.  

Do you have a secret talent? Well, not sure if it is a talent, more a developing ideology. As I have grown up, I am realizing that many things I pay professionals a lot of money for, I can do myself. So, I have built my own shed, I do almost all my own vehicle repairs, I have remodeled a good chunk of our house, and may build us a in-ground pool!  

What is one thing you could not go a day without? I have a fairly deep love for my dog Rey (named from Star Wars). She brings me an incredible amount of joy. Even though she often steals my socks and eats my dinner off the counter when I turn away, she is the most special thing in the world to me outside of my wife Grace.

What is a goal you have for this year? Right now myself and Sam Simpkins (University Photographer) are halfway through training for a half marathon in April.    

Do you have a favorite thing about working at Belmont? I have been a part of working at many schools and I know many people say this…but for me it is deeply true. The students here are some of the most creative, engaging, genuine and all around interesting people I have encountered. Every day I look at my case load or new clients and a truly get excited about getting to meet them and hear their story.