Sony/ATV Music Publishing Company Hosts Mentor Session with Selected Belmont Students

screenshot of zoom session

For the seventh year in a row, Mike Curb College of Music Business and School of Music students had the opportunity to submit their music to Sony/ATV Music Publishing Nashville. Of the more than 100 submissions, the music publishing giant chose five students for an online mentoring session with their Creative Team.

Belmont students Brooks Knapton, Kristina Sarro, Ryan Kohn, Sarah Killian and Julia Paymer received the opportunity to attend this mentoring session with Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

“It was a surreal experience being ‘in the room’ with such top-notch people in the industry. They had a lot to say about the journey that I am on and offered a lot of feedback, advice and wisdom that I will certainly carry forward with me,” Sarro shared. “I definitely felt reaffirmed that I was on the right path, doing the right things and that I need to stick with this passion that I love so much. Forever and ever grateful that they believe in me!”

Kohn shared, “The people from Sony were so laid back and supportive yet totally honest when I needed them to be.” Another student, Paymer, shared that “being able to talk to people who are amongst the highest-ranking people here in Nashville and getting advice and feedback is something I’ll forever be grateful for.”

Josh Van Valkenburg, Senior Vice President, Nashville A&R said, “Thank you again for allowing us an early glimpse into the impressive talent pool at Belmont. We’re already looking forward to next year!”