Rising Artists, Belmont Graduates Release New Music

Brad Paisley head shot
Brad Paisley

Belmont alumni are showcasing their achievements all over the music industry with releases from graduates and former students this month. Music Row recognized the artists in their recent “DISClaimer” article highlighting notable new releases and new artists. 

Belmont alumnus Brad Paisley was recognized by the magazine article for his release with country artist Jimmie Allen, “Freedom Was a Highway.”

Lauren Weintraub, a former Belmont songwriting student, released her new single “She’s Mine,” after receiving more than a million views for the single on her TikTok account. 

Jake Hoot and Kelly Clarkson’s new song “I Would’ve Loved You” was recently released, co-written by music business graduate Jamie Floyd.

Songwriting graduate Clare Dunn was also recognized for her release of  “Real Thing,” and songwriting graduate Cameron Bedell co-wrote with music duo Seaforth on their new release, “Breakups.”

American Songwriter recognized songwriting graduate Sheyda for her new single “The Dragon,” which sets “an impressive tone for her rising career.” 

Alumnus Devin Dawson released his new EP, “The Pink Slip EP,” on January 15. Dawson told Music Row in regards to the new release, “I have come a long way from the person I was, and I understand more of what it means to be an artist.”