Mike Lenda, CEO of The Well Coffeehouse, Shares Faith and Entrepreneurship Journey

Mike Lenda speaks in chapel
Mike Lenda, CEO of The Well Coffeehouse, speaks to students at Belmont University.

On Friday, January 31, more than 250 Belmont students heard from guest speaker Mike Lender, CEO of The Well Coffeehouse, about faith and entrepreneurship. The chapel was presented by the Thomas Cone Center for Entrepreneurship, the Kennedy Center for Business Ethics, Center for Social Entrepreneurship and University Ministries.

With “turning coffee into water” as Lenda’s personal mantra and the mission statement of The Well Coffeehouse, contributing to the construction of new wells for safe, clean drinking water in remote communities is a huge part of Lenda’s business. Since 2013, 23 wells have been completed with the substantial funds donated by The Well Coffeehouse.

Lenda shared his journey from working as a Starbucks barista in Nashville, Tennessee, to major U.S. market executive management roles with Starbucks. Lenda gives much credit to his unwavering belief and confidence in following the Lord’s plan for his life for his large professional success and rewarding personal life. Now serving as the CEO of The Well Coffeehouse, Lenda explained that his primary motivation for returning to Nashville was to help others improve their lives by having access to basic necessities. With purpose fueling his passion, Lenda strives to make an impact in local and global communities by amplifying voices unheard.

The most rewarding parts of his journey thus far, he shared, are the people he’s met and worked with along the way. Lenda finds great joy and purpose in leading teams to create a place where customers, donors and employees feel known, loved and cared for while caring for the world around them.