Global Leadership Studies Class Visits Thistle Farms

Global Leadership Studies students visit Thistle Farms
Global Leadership Studies students visit Thistle Farms, October 24, 2019.

Global Leadership Studies students recently had the opportunity to visit Thistle Farms, a local nonprofit social enterprise, through Dr. Mary Ellen Pethel’s course introducing leadership competencies, theories and frameworks. Thistle Farms is an organization designed to heal, empower and employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

During the visit, students listened to the stories of leaders at Thistle Farms and toured their café, shop and manufacturing facilities, as well as administrative and educational centers. They gained further insight into the complex world of nonprofits, social enterprise, spiritual development, legal realities, financial sustainability, marketing, education and service.

Dr. Pethel Headshot
Dr. Mary Ellen Pethel, global leadership studies professor

Global Leadership Studies (GLS) is a major and minor program offered at Belmont University that draws upon the liberal arts and develops a set of skills that can be applied to real-world issues.

Pethel said, “Global Leadership Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the human condition past, present and future.”