Diggs, Lee Publish Chapter in PharmacotherapyFirst

headshots of Drs. Lee and Diggs
Dr. Phillip Lee, pictured left, and Dr. Fernando Diggs, pictured right

Drs. Fernando Diggs and Phillip Lee from Belmont’s College of Pharmacy collaborated to publish a chapter on the management of hyperglycemia in hospitalized patients in APhA’s PharmacotherapyFirst.

PharmacotherapyFirst is a peer-reviewed, online publication designed to meet the needs of modern learners and educators. Inpatient Hyperglycemia draw’s from Dr. Diggs knowledge and experience with critically ill patients in addition to Dr. Lee’s expertise in the care of general medicine patients.

The module covers the topic by combining current guidelines, landmark trials and treatment of special populations. In addition, the module contains patient cases for learners and faculty members to ensure mastery of the information presented. Read their chapter online here.