Curb College Students Landon Ryle, Elise Del Mar Perform at Lollapalooza

Elise Del Mar and Landon Ryle
Elise Del Mar and Landon Ryle

This past July, Curb College students Elise Del Mar and Landon Ryle had the opportunity to perform at the Chicago-based music festival Lollapalooza.

The duo first got together spring 2021 when they met in a demo production class taught by Jason Garner.

“I had mentioned something about making EDM music during class,” Del Mar explained. “Landon and I connected over that and have been working on music together ever since.”

Although the duo just recently started collaborating, they were able to land a major performance at Lollapalooza thanks to the help of one of Ryle’s old friends.

“Jake Duby, who is a DJ/producer from my hometown Lexington, Kentucky, reached out to me with the opportunity to produce music and perform it at Lollapalooza. While in the process of getting music together for the show, I reached out to Elise to see if she wanted to write to the track we made and sing on it,” Ryle explained. “This turned into the opportunity for her to perform our song ‘Run Into You’ with us at Lollapalooza.”

Prior to this performance, Ryle and Del Mar never played a show of that scale.

“This was both of our biggest performances. We have both played small shows around our hometowns and Nashville, but never anything to this scale,” the duo said.

Both Ryle and Del Mar agreed that the environment and behind the scenes of the festival was by far the best part of their experience. They said, “Going to a music festival as an artist is such a different experience from attending one as a part of general admission. It gave us the opportunity to go backstage of other artists’ sets, giving us a new perspective of live performances we hadn’t had before.”

Lollapalooza is just the beginning for Ryle and Del Mar. The duo are currently in the process of releasing another single entitled “Stay Another Night” anticipated to be released in the near future. In the meantime, listeners can currently stream “Run Into You” on all streaming services.