Belmont Professor Hawley Published by Theopolis Institute

Scott Hawley head shot

Dr. Scott Hawley, a professor in the Belmont Chemistry and Physics Department, was recently published by the Theopolis Institute for his article “Embracing Embodied Solitude After Techno-Gnostic Failure.” The Institute hosts periodic “Theopolis Conversations” which includes a month of invited authors to respond to an original essay published by the Theopolis Institute

Hawley was one of five interdisciplinary authors chosen to contribute to the conversation on Theopolis Institute. He received this opportunity through Technology and culture columnist Michael Sacasas who was writing a response for the Institute and suggested that Hawley be invited as a possible respondent.

Sharing his admiration for the other authors he is in collaboration with on this project, Hawley said, “These other authors, much more seasoned, facile and established than myself, are amazing, and their essays are superb. My being invited to participate in this, I’ve likened it to being a teenager waiting outside a Dream Theater concert and being invited up on stage to play with the band.”