Belmont Introduces Habitat for Humanity Chapter, Students Help Build Houses in Community

Habitat for Humanity at Build Day

As the New Year rolls around, many students will be looking for a way to meaningfully contribute to the Nashville community. Luckily, Belmont University recently introduced a Habitat for Humanity chapter to campus, open to all students. Founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit housing organization which works in local communities across the globe. Since the induction of the Belmont chapter in the Fall 2021 semester, the club began fundraising and was able to host a build day on October 10. 

Build days are days in which members of the organization go into the community to help build houses. This past October, Belmont’s new chapter members went to Sherwood Common Townhomes, a living complex being built for future Habitat for Humanity homeowners. Volunteers worked with future habitat owners throughout the day, primarily helping put up siding on the townhomes.   

“A typical build day is jam packed with things,” said Belmont student Sydney Goedde, president of the Belmont chapter of Habitat for Humanity. “Starting at 7 a.m. the professional builders, habitat employees and most importantly the people we are building the homes for introduce themselves. After that, each group is sent out to start working and is given safety instructions on how to work some of the power tools we use.”  

Habitat for Humanity at Build Day
Habitat for Humanity students at October 10 Build Day

All of the students who participated in the build day were striving to meet Habitat for Humanity’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. 

Goedde says Habitat for Humanity is a club for all. “I believe anyone and everyone should join the Habitat chapter here at Belmont,” she said. “It’s a learning experience, helps broaden your horizons, you get to meet so many cool and selfless people. And most importantly, you’re helping the Nashville Community!”  

The Habitat for Humanity chapter is just getting started. “Our ultimate goal is to raise money so our Belmont chapter can build a home for someone in need,” said Geodde. “Obviously this takes thousands of dollars and it will be a journey to get to that end goal, but we have faith and hope that sometime in the next 2 years we will be able to reach this goal. We have many ideas for fundraising that are in the early stages.”  

In order to achieve this goal, next semester the club will be working the concessions stand at a few basketball games. All are welcome to volunteer and can get WELL-Core credit for doing so. For more information, contact Sydney Geodde via BruinLink. 

Those interested in joining the Habitat for Humanity chapter can join on BruinLink. Interested students can also join the Habitat for Humanity group chat on GroupMe by direct messaging @BelmontHabitatforHumanity on Instagram or contacting Sydney Geodde via BruinLink.