Belmont Faculty Examine ‘All the President’s Men’ Film, Host Interactive Debate Programming Discussion


Stephen Hauser, a Belmont motion pictures instructor, discussed the film “All The President’s Men,” with students in a conversation moderated by Curb College Professor Sara Wigal. Already having previous experience in the television and film industry, Hauser was able to discuss his own work and the adaptation of the book to a film. 

Throughout the night Hauser discussed a lot about the perspective the director wanted to take with the film. He expressed that the story was not about abuse of power or corruption, but about trying to tell it from the standpoint of Woodward and Bernstein reporters. 

The movie consists of other reporters interviewing people in order to create a conversation rather than create a dramatic storyline “The story is not about the corruption of power, but to try to get people to talk. To try to get people to unburden themselves,” Hauser shared. 

Students were also able to view different scenes from the film where Hauser would share and discuss the meaning behind these scenes. He shared the significance of a film that had a lot of context, yet was still intriguing to the audience without having a ton of character changes. 

Hauser was able to get students at the virtual event engaged by having them read and act out scripts from the film. Students had the chance to take on a new character after learning a little bit more about the direction and style of the film.

The Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business sponsored event presented students with a unique opportunity to analyze and discuss films with a professional. Additionally, Hauser’s unique perspective on the film created a chance for students to view and discuss through the same lens.  

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