Assistant Professor of Social Work Supports Metro Students in tnAchieves Webinar

Dr. Douglas Crews, assistant professors of social work, eagerly worked with tnAchieves in a webinar held at the beginning of April to support local metro schools during this time of virtual learning. tnAchieves is the partnering organization to the Tennessee Promise Scholarship, aiming to increase higher education opportunities for Tennessee high school students by providing last-dollar scholarships with mentor guidance. 

Dr. Crews has served as a mentor for tnAchieves since 2017. “I have loved every minute of it,” he shared. “Being a mentor with tnAchieves allows me to combine my passion for being a university professor and a social worker together with high school seniors as they plan for the next step in their life’s journey. I feel privileged to be able to connect with students and help them process the questions they have about what the future may hold. Being a mentor during their time of transition from high school to life beyond is a very rewarding experience. I believe all of us would benefit from being a mentor with tnAchieves.”