Art Students Exhibit Collaborative Work with Senior Ride Nashville

Students and Senior Ride riders and drivers pose with their art at 8th and Roast coffee shop
Students and Senior Ride riders and drivers pose with their art.

Several Belmont art students have been using their talents to build relationships in the Nashville community. At a recent exhibition at 8th and Roast coffee shop, student collaborative art with Senior Ride Nashville was featured. The art comes from students in the classes Clay 2 and Advanced Photography.

The focus of the project was to show the idea of “Changing Nashville” through conversations with and pictures of community members who have lived through history. Students had the opportunity to work one on one with Senior Ride drivers and their riders to capture portraits of them while also embracing the opportunity to create lasting relationships.

The portraits were then passed on to students in Clay 2 who transformed the art between mediums. Photographs were transferred onto handmade and hand-glazed plates that were then displayed on a wall at 8th and Roast, where the original portraits and conversations with Senior Ride participants happened.

“To us, plates represent community, coming together over a coffee, a conversation, a way to catch up with an old friend and to make a new one, and we hope these photographic plates embody that,” said the artists.

Other photographs, taken from the Charlotte Avenue corridor, were also exhibited in the coffee shop to represent the idea of “ever changing, but still Nashville.”