2020 Belmont Student Leadership Awards Announced Via Instagram Stories

Division of Student Life Presents ‘Bloom Where You Are Planted’ Online This Year

Graphic with list of all award winners

The successful implementation of the virtual 2020 Belmont Student Leadership Awards is just one of the many ways the Belmont community continues to work together to demonstrate its commitment to inclusion, highlight exemplary leadership and provide access to leadership development for all students. Recognizing the efforts of student leaders and staff across campus who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, the virtual event took place through the Belmont Today and Belmont University Instagram accounts all day on April 15.

Thirty-three of Belmont’s offices, centers, departments and all academic colleges participated in nominating 90 student leaders from across campus for various awards.

Associate Dean of Students and Director of Leadership Development Dr. AdriAnne Sternberg said this collaborative effort further proves that leadership is everyone’s business. “No one knew all of the challenges we’d face but charging forward with this event online has helped us be grateful for the past, gives inspiration for the work we are all doing now and hope for future leaders who will come through our doors,” she said. “With or without a leadership position, the nominees and winners of this year’s event have all displayed resilience, one of BOLD’s core leadership competencies, in the brightest way.”

Last year’s Campus-Wide Student Leadership Awards were a huge success with 225 students present on campus celebrating one another’s achievements. Sternberg said this year was even more of a success that “brought out the best in each of us.” The BSLA committee worked relentlessly to provide the best virtual award event possible. In just the first two hours alone, more than 2,000 viewers tuned into the online event to recognize the best that Belmont has to offer.

screenshot of Bruin Awards announcement

Sternberg added, “And while we could not physically give hugs and high fives to one another at the end of the awards, we were able to like, share and re-post Belmont transformational leadership stories and accomplishments with the entire world.”

The 2020 Awards are listed below.

Bruin Award:

  • Christine Allen
  • Jake Williams
  • Mattison Chase
  • Darby Leimer
  • Julianna Singleton
  • Haily McGee
  • Jordan Anderson
  • Amanda Wood
  • Alex Moudy
  • Abigail Momot
  • Ashley Taylor Gurwell

Tower Award: Dave Jaeger

Emergent Leader Award:

  • Amando Jimenez
  • Peter Geoly
  • Antoinedra Maupin
  • Maggie Youngs
  • Geno Ceasario

Aspiring Leader Award:

  • Vianney Muniz
  • Molly Suess
  • Claire Mitchell
  • Ashley Wearren
  • Phoebe Connell

Greek President of the Year: Meghan Skinner

screenshot of BSA BLOOM Award
Black Student Association was announced the Student Organization of the Year

Chapter of the Year: Alpha Sigma Tau

Greeks of the Year: Ben Rogers and Kailey Shannon

Student Organization Advisor of the Year: Sue Iliff

Outstanding New Student Organization of the Year: Kite Club

Student Organization of the Year: Black Student Association

Student Organization Members of the Year:

  • Lexi Campbell – Delight Ministries
  • Andre Delaney – Black Student Association
  • Benjamin Carter – Best Buddies Belmont
  • Danny Deforest – Belmont Enactus
  • Harrison Brown – Club Tennis
  • Michael Schultz – Belmont Hiking
  • Megan Huggins – Alpha Psi Omega
  • Taylor Gerson – Alpha Sigma Tau
  • Landry Slaughter – Bruin Recruiters
  • Renee Ramirez – Collegiate DECA
  • Sarah McKenzie – Panhellenic Association
  • Donte Holiday – Black Student Association
  • Alex Miller – Student Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Carlee Nanney – Student Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Kortney Schardt – Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Residence Life Distinguished Service Awards:

  • Sydney Stanton
  • Macy Schreiber
  • Amanda Wood
  • Julianna Singleton
  • Maia Paterno
  • Kate Rutledge
  • Taylor Leek
  • Sammy Henehan
  • Jordan Anderson

Office of Career and Professional Development Professionalism: Margaret Hovis and Erin Lawrence

Office of Career and Professional Development Indispensable Workers:

  • Samaria Mena
  • Ray Aley
  • Jamie Emerick
  • Katy Gjovig
  • Addie Smith
  • Ashley Sawyers
  • Madison Flick
  • Molly Reinold

University Ministries Longevity: Will Smith

Interdisciplinary Studies and Global Education Student Leadership Award: Victoria Berry

Admissions Student Worker of the Year: Brendan Marz

College of Theology and Christian Ministry Faculty Achievement Award: Colby Brandt

O’More College of Architecture and Design Student Leadership Award: Sydni Claunch

Curb College Student Leadership Award: Thomas Rowles

College of Music and Performing Arts Student Leadership Award: Colin Felter

College of Law Student Leadership Award: Shelby Lomax

College of Pharmacy Student Leadership Award: Travis Holmes

College of Health Sciences and Nursing Student Leadership Award: Jacey Walker

Jack C. Massey College of Business Student Leadership Award: Kia Street