Enneagram Expert Ian Cron Encourages Students to ‘Find Their Bliss’

Ian Cron at Chapel

“What number are you?” is a commonly asked question when talking about the Enneagram. Rev. Ian Cron, who recently spoke at a Belmont University Chapel event, asked this question to the audience multiple times throughout his question and answer style discussion.

Cron is not only an expert in the Enneagram but also an Episcopal Priest, psychotherapist and writer, among other things. When asked to talk about the Chapel theme of the week, Career and Calling, Cron quickly told students to “follow your bliss.” He went on to speak about how the topic of an idea of self is often not emphasized in the Christian sphere. He told students about the importance of understanding that you can bring glory to God through knowing and becoming yourself.

“If you are made in the image of God, then you are the best primary source material you have,” Cron said. “You will come to see your beauty.”

When speaking about the Enneagram, Cron explained that every individual is an expression of a certain type. The Enneagram can reveal what is good about a person as well as their blights. Cron encouraged students to let parts of their past go so they can be their full true selves.

Referring to his statement of “follow your bliss” throughout his talk, Cron encouraged students to find work that doesn’t feel like work. “What work are you doing that doesn’t feel like work?,” Cron asked the audience. “Well, keep doing it.”

Closing out his talk, Cron’s parting words to students were to “follow that bliss, no matter what it costs you.”